Ten Pin Bowling

*Rules courtesy of Tenpin Bowling Australia – https://www.tenpin.org.au/bowl/leagues/faqs/

How to score*

A game consists of 10 frames. A maximum of two deliveries is made in each frame except in the 10th frame, when three deliveries are made if the player has scored a strike or a spare in that frame.

A strike is scored when all the pins are knocked down by the first ball rolled in a frame. It is marked with an X.  Because a strike earns 10 pins plus a bonus of all the pins knocked down by the next two balls, no figure is entered until the next two balls are rolled. A strike in the 10th frame earns two extra rolls.

A spare is scored when all pins are knocked down with two deliveries. It is marked with a /.  Because a spare earns 10 pins plus a bonus of all the pins knocked down by the next single ball, no score is entered until the first ball of the next frame is rolled.  A spare in the 10th frame earns one extra roll.

Social Alley Ten Pin Bowling Party

Bowling Leagues

Each season we hold competitive bowling competition leagues, both social and more serious leagues. We also have school competitions and term long sports programs.

If you are interested in any league or special group events, then please contact our staff on socialalley@rockscountryclub.com.au or call 0408 733 144.

Bowling Parties

Who wouldn’t want a ten pin bowling party!

We have a wide range of party packages available from kid’s Bowlorama parties through to adult girls and boys events and also corporate events.

We provide the catering, beverages and bowling and you and your guests have all the fun.

To make a function or party enquiry, please email our functions manager via: functions@rockscountryclub.com.au

Or complete an online enquiry form here.

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